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PugetBench for Photoshop

PugetBench for Photoshop allows you to reliably and accurate benchmark real-world Photoshop performance.

PugetBench for Photoshop allows you to reliably and accurate benchmark real-world Photoshop performance.

PugetBench for Photoshop was created to address the need for comprehensive, repeatable and consistent benchmark testing for the most popular applications used by creative professionals. This benchmark is designed to thoroughly test various aspects of Photoshop to measure the performance of you CPU, GPU, and other hardware components.

*Currently does not support the M1 native version of Photoshop



Version 0.93 BETA

- Added support for Photoshop 2021
- Added code to handle random times when the API decides to return a string instead of a number or boolean

Version 0.92 BETA

- Moved to using node-wmi to gather system specs on Windows systems. This should be significantly faster and more reliable than the previous command line method
- Added GPU driver and motherboard BIOS to the system specs for Windows systems
- Misc bug fixes

Version 0.91 BETA

- Improved system spec gathering reliability
- System specs on MacOS now gather properly even if the system drive's name has been changed from the default ”Macintosh HD”

Version 0.9 BETA (Major Update)

- Results are now uploaded to our online database. This is required for the free version, but opt-in if you have a commercial license.
- Removed the result screen at the end of the benchmark run now that the full results can be viewed on our benchmark listing page.
- Moved from a script to a full plug-in. This was required for the result uploading, but also allows us much more flexibility for configurable settings and increases consistency between our various Adobe benchmarks.
- License validation moved from the CLI utility to the plugin itself.
- Added ability to set the location for any disk-based tests (opening and saving).
- Added tooltips for the various settings that can now be configured.
- Status logs and configuration settings moved to ”~Documents\PugetBench\Photoshop\TIMESTAMP” since we cannot log directly to the plugin folder.
- Removed ”Progress” text layer since this information is now reported in the plugin UI.
- Dropped photomerge tests. This was not actually used that often from what we understand, and removing it greatly reduces the download size and run times. Based on demand, we may add these tests back as an additional testing module for Photoshop.
- Scoring has been adjusted based on the test changes. Due to this, the Overall Score will not be consistent with previous versions, although the General, Filter, and GPU scores should be the same.
- General bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 0.8 BETA (Major Update)

- Renamed benchmark to ”PugetBench for Photoshop”
- Switching from ”year.mon.day” version format to a more typical version scheme so that we can more easily show when things like the scoring has changed enough to not be interchangeable with previous versions.
- Dropping 8 bpc tests since there is little relative difference in performance between hardware at 8 and 16 bpc. Because of this, scores will not be 100% comparable to previous versions. They will be close enough for rough comparisons (since we aren't changing the tests themselves), but not completely accurate.
- Verified support for Photoshop 2020
- Added motherboard and RAM speed (Windows only) to the results page
- Added a ”Progress” text layer that updates automatically so you can visually see how far along the benchmark is.
- There is now a ”Benchmark Results” screen that comes up at the end of the benchmark that displays a bunch of useful information including: benchmark version, cores, results for each individual test, and system information like CPU, RAM, OS, GPU, and Photoshop version
- The benchmark now also makes a jpg of the ”Benchmark Results” screen for easy sharing
- Removed .csv log file support in the free edition (log files will be a feature in the commercial use version)
- Removed ”start” .exe applications (automation will be a feature in the commercial use version)
- More code to ensure consistency between benchmark runs (setting the selected tool, FG/BG color, etc.)
- Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Version 18.10.0

- Updated to support Photoshop CC 2019
- Added Extended mode which adds testing in 16 Bits/Channel mode
- Added Applescript applications to make running on MacOS easier

Version 18.4.0

- First release

Photoshop 2020: Window -> Extensions -> PugetBench for Photoshop

Photoshop 2021: Window -> Extensions (Legacy) -> PugetBench for Photoshop

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