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PugetBench for After Effects

PugetBench for After Effects allows you to reliably and accurate benchmark real-world After Effects performance.

PugetBench for After Effects allows you to reliably and accurate benchmark real-world After Effects performance.

PugetBench for After Effects was created to address the need for comprehensive, repeatable and consistent benchmark testing for the most popular applications used by creative professionals. This benchmark is designed to thoroughly test various aspects of After Effects to measure the performance of you CPU, GPU, and other hardware components.



Updates in Version 0.95.2:

- Added filter to remove ”(C)”, ”(R)”, and ”(TM)” strings from the systems specifications

-Added additional granularity to the ”Custom” preset. You can now select individual tests to run rather than only being limited to specific groups of tests.

- Added the ability to specify which tests to run with the ”Custom” preset when using the CLI
-Include the ”/custom_tests” argument when launching the CLI along with a comma-separated list of test numbers.
-The test number associated with each test can be seen if you launch the benchmark plugin manually. It will be shown before the name of each selectable test.
-Example: /custom_tests ”8,21”

-Added ”/cooldown” CLI argument to specify how many seconds to wait at the end of the benchmark run to allow the system to cool down. By default, the CLI waits for 20 seconds
-Example: /cooldown 60

-Added the ability to launch custom .bat files at various points during the benchmark run. This was requested multiple times in order to automate additional logging using utilities such as Windows Performance Recorder.
-If running the benchmark manually, there is now a ”Run custom commands” checkbox in the automation settings
-If using the CLI, include the command line argument of ”/custom_tests”
-Four different .bat files are launched at the start/end of the benchmark, and at the start/end of each individual test.
-More information on how to make the .bat files, where to save them, and a sample set of files is available in the user guide
-Note that if the commands require admin privileges, you will need to launch the application or CLI as admin.

-Required application information for the CLI moved to an .ini file that resides alongside the CLI in the plugin folder. This information was previously baked into the CLI itself, but by having it in an editable file, end users can add support for things like beta and pre-release versions of Premiere Pro. The .ini requires the following entries:
-Main section title: The major version of Premiere Pro. This is used by the CLI for the ”/app_version” argument
-prefLoc: Location of the application preferences folder
-prefFile: In many cases, this is the same as prefLoc, but some benchmarks need a specific preferences file defined
-appLoc: Path to the Premiere Pro application
-appEXE: Name of the Premiere Pro .exe when it has been launched

-Fixed CLI issue where it wasn't detecting existing preferences files, and always had to launch After Effects twice.

Window -> Extensions -> PugetBench for After Effects

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