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Fast Retouch Panel for Adobe Photoshop

Fast Retouch Panel is an effective Adobe Photoshop plugin that makes high end retouching easy and fast. Includes photo retouching tools and tools for make up correction.

Fast Retouch Panel is an effective Adobe Photoshop plugin that makes high end retouching easy and fast. Includes photo retouching tools and tools for make up correction.


You can make any ultimate retouch changes, beautify a portrait not only with skin retouching but also change color of hair, lips, eyes, whiten teeth, add matte or contrast to the photo and much more.

If you are a beginner in retouching, you may have a good start, as we provide a video course that demonstrates all the functions. The course is included in this photo retouching kit.

If you are a pro, the panel will save you hours and make your workflow more convenient.

Block 1 Basic operations
Image conversion functions (RGB, CMYK and Grayscale buttons)
Image and work area resizing function (Image Size, Canvas Size and Transform buttons)
Quick access to operating frequency (8 or 16 bits buttons)
Horizontal/ vertical image reflection (Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical buttons)
Direct access to functions:
liquify, filter gallery, shadow/ highlights balance (Liquify, Filter Gallery, Sh/Highlights

Block 2 Fast Retouch
2 auto-retouching methods
Automatic skin smoothing (Auto Retouch button)
Skin Texture Boost (Skin Retouch button)
1 manual method
2 frequencies separation method (FS Retouch button)
Localised eyes, lips and teeth retouch (Eyes Retouch, Lips Retouch and White Teeth buttons)
Contrast Balance, Volume, Dynamic opacity (Contrast and Volume buttons)
Local and global High Pass Sharpness (Local Sharpness button)
Tanned Skin for adding natural sun tan and Anti Glare function (Tanned Skin and Anti Glare buttons)

Block 3 Make-up & Hair Color
Make-up with flexible color settings
Hair and eyebrows color settings (Hair Color and Eyebrows buttons)
Face Tone for delicate skin tone tuning (Face Tone button)
Color and saturation of blusher, eyelids and lipstick (Eyelids, Blusher and Lips Color buttons)
Dodge & Burn method for eyes and lips correction (Iris Sharpness and Lips Color buttons)

Block 4 Export and other useful functions
Easy creation of new layers (New Layer button)
Export photos for Instagram in one click (Insta 4x5, Insta 1x1 and Insta Stories buttons)
Save files for web resources (Save for Web button)
Main tools are always at hand
Direct access to a video course from the panel

This retouch toolkit was created to be user friendlier than professional add-ons, still having the extended functionality. And now our retouching plugin is much more functional and convenient than many other pro retouching action bundles created so far.

Instead of the usual actions for Adobe Photoshop, this retouching panel is always at hand, the functions are conveniently located, also, many standard Adobe Photoshop operations are much more conveniently accessible.
This portrait retouching kit includes a detailed video course that will be useful for everyone who works in beauty retouch.

We wish you the best retouching experience!


Fast Retouch Panel Installation Guide for macOS.pdf
Fast Retouch Panel Installation Guide for Windows.pdf

1. After installation restart your Adobe Photoshop
2. Open: Window → Extensions → Fast Retouch
3. We recommend you to have a look at this video:

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