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3M™ Visual Attention Software (VAS)

A Visual Spellcheck for Design

A Visual Spellcheck for Design

3M VAS (Visual Attention Software) is your essential plugin for analyzing the effectiveness of your design work.

VAS is powerful, science-based AI that emulates the human vision system. Its unique algorithms simulate how we see things in the first 3-5 seconds and predict what's likely to get noticed.

It's like a visual spellcheck!

• TEST VISUAL LAYOUTS while you design to know what details are attracting or distracting to your visual goals
• GET OBJECTIVE INSIGHTS so you can make informed design refinement decisions
• SAVE TIME by moving through your iterative design process faster
• DESIGN WITH CONFIDENCE knowing what's important will most likely be seen
• ACHIEVE GOALS with science-based data validating that your visual hierarchy has been met
• SPEND MORE TIME DESIGNING and less time convincing

1. Install the plugin and sign in
2. Sign up for a free VAS account
3. Design
4. Mark Areas of Interest
5. Click Analyze and get fast results

Refine and repeat as desired

Check it out:
• Content Type Selection feature uses algorithms based on the way we view different media to bring you the most accurate analysis.

• Advanced Feature: Areas of Interest Analysis lets you markup important areas in your design to see how likely they'll be seen. The information in this report can show how well the components within your visual hierarchy are performing.

• Advanced Feature: Visual Elements Analysis analyzes the relationships between the 5 core visual elements influencing viewer attraction. This information can help you evaluate those attributes and decide what to refine to increase the likelihood a key area will be noticed.

• Saved History of Analysis Results lets you compare earlier versions of your work and review your saved analyses.

PLUS 5 VAS reports:

o AREAS OF INTEREST–scores the likelihood specified areas of interest will be seen in design. See how key components of your design are performing aligned to your visual hierarchy goals.

o VISUAL ELEMENTS – scores the 5 elements our visual system uses to influence viewer attraction. This data can help you evaluate those attributes and guide you in strengthening one design component or decreasing the dominance of another to shift viewers' attention.

o HEATMAP – Provides a visual overview of the area attracting attention within the design. This report is an easy-to-read visual that confirms attention is going to where you intend and if other elements are distracting from what's important.

o HOTSPOTS – scores the probability of gaining viewer attention in the hotspot regions of the heatmap. You get a scored overview of the areas that are attracting attention in your visual.

o GAZE SEQUENCE – presents the order a person will view the first 4 areas most-likely to be noticed. This report will illustrate how closely your design is achieving your visual hierarchy goals.



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