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EasyMath Plus

Adobe Indesign mathematical expressions editor

Adobe Indesign mathematical expressions editor


Finally, a fast and easy way to compose math equations within Adobe Indesign.

Key features include:
- Easy-to-use user interface with fast math expressions editor.
- LaTeX based engine.
- Entered math can be easily scaled, edited and added to the Indesign documents.
- Publication quality rendered math.
- Built-in autocomplete for speeding up composing process.
- Syntax examples and instant live preview.
- Live math checking for errors.
- Option to choose between display or inline mode.

Additionally EasyMathPlus supports a variety of features like:
- typesetting chemical and physics equations;
- gives access to some CSS features;
- includes macros for producing cumulative diagrams and extensible arrows.


available latex macros-easymathplus.pdf


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