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Sky Replacement Pack - 100 Sunrise Skies

100 stunning sunrise skies for sky replacement.

100 stunning sunrise skies for sky replacement.


Enhance your images with 100 stunning sunrise skies for sky replacement..

Photoshop 2021's great new Sky Replacement feature allows you to change the sky in a couple of clicks. Kickstart your sky library with this pack of high quality skies.

Images are supplied in high resolution JPEG.



1: Acquire and install the extension from Adobe Exchange.

2: After installation, a zip folder will be created in your Downloads folder.

3: Unzip this folder. You may wish to move it to more memorable location such as your Desktop or your Pictures folder. It doesn't matter where you place the folder, as long as you know where to find it.

4: When using Photoshop's Sky Replacement feature, click the drop-down menu to view your sky replacement library.

5: Here, click the plus icon to add new skies to your library.

6: Navigate to the folder of your purchased skies and select the skies to add to your library.

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