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Shadows Effect creates an accurate shadow for any object. The object can be defined using a stencil bitmap from a matte layer. The shadow is cast from a point source.

Shadows Effect creates an accurate shadow for any object. The object can be defined using a stencil bitmap from a matte layer. The shadow is cast from a point source.


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Shadows Effect Controls :-

Use Matte controls to isolate stencil bitmap.
Use Light controls to define the location, strength and where the light is cast.
Use Shadow controls to define the properties of the shadow cast by the light source using the matte layer-defined object.

Source – Selects the location of the point light source.

Intensity – Selects the intensity of the light source.

Region – Choose None, FG, BG, All. FG is the foreground and BG is the background. Here, the effect recognizes the matte layer as foreground and the regular view as background. Option – None – does not show any light from the source – only the shadow is seen. Options – FG, BG and All – will show the light cast onto the foreground, background and both respectively.

Falloff – Choose None, Linear and Inverse Square. Light intensity falls off with the inverse square of distance in real life. For graphics, linear falloff is more common. Options – None, Linear and Inverse Square – will show no falloff, linear falloff and inverse square falloff respectively.

Tint – Choose the color of the light.

Types – Solid or Decay. The solid shadow is an accurate shadow cast with a penumbra. Decay shadow reduces with distance from the object.

Field Range – Clamps from 0-100% of the glow.

Accuracy – In case of stair stepping artifacts near the object, you may select a higher number. This number is the power of 2 that we use to multiple 360 degrees to generate sub-degree level accuracy when casting a shadow.

Penumbra Factor – This number controls the thickness of the penumbra.

Penumbra Degrees – This is the value in degrees that the penumbra is calculated. TIP:- Use larger value here if you find penumbra is being cut off.

Opacity – Amount of glow to blend with the lower layer.

Tint – Color of shadow. If you change this to any other color, it functions as a custom spotlight.
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Download the zxp file. The zxp package has been tested with automated install methods like Anastasiy's Extension Manager or ZXP Installer.

After Effects plug-ins will have a plug-in .aex file and a pdf for documentation. The installer will extract .aex file to the mediacore directory – $mediacoreplug-ins\Prosya\ and the pdf to $userhomefolder/Documents/Prosya/

In windows – $mediacoreplug-ins looks like C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore and $userhomefolder/ looks like C:\Users\

After successful install, Prosya plug-ins will appear under the Prosya folder inside the ‘Effects' menu or under the ‘Effect & Presets' tab in After Effects. If automated install does not work, try the manual installation. Manual installation also works if the plug-in is distributed as a .zip file.

Install 7-zip or any similar unzip utility. Right Click on the .zxp or .zip and click 7-zip->Open Archive.

Double-click on Win/ directory to view the .aex file. Extract .aex file to the mediacore directory – for example, C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore

Double-click on Docs/ directory to view the .pdf file. Extract .pdf file to the Documents directory – for example, C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\

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