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Shapes Effect provides a common interface and controls to draw multiple 2d geometric shapes. There are also controls for stroke, fills and transforms.

Shapes Effect provides a common interface and controls to draw multiple 2d geometric shapes. There are also controls for stroke, fills and transforms.


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Online support --- www.prosya.com/community/

The shapes include line, triangle, rectangle, square, polygon, circle, ellipse, arc, cubic b-spline, quadratic b-spline, squircle, creative, star, skewed star, sine wave, donut, arrow, cropmarks.

Shapes Controls :

Opacity – Define the amount of effect you wish to use. At 100% the entire effect is active, and none at 0%.

Presets :-
Cubic B-Spline
Quadratic B-Spline
Skewed Star
Sine Wave

The Line and Curve controls depend on the preset used.

Stroke, Fill and Transform controls are a common UI group for 2D effects.

Stroke controls relate to the brush that all lines or curves are drawn with.

Stroke width – Thickness of brush or line

Cap Style – Butt, Round and Square styles for the end caps.

Join Style – Miter, Round and Bevel styles for the joins between two strokes.

Stroke Style – Various methods to display the stroke.

None – Does not display the border of the object. Only the Fill will display.
Solid – Display a solid line where the brush strokes.
dot, dotdashed, longdashed, dashed, shortdashed, dotdotdashed, dotdotdotdashed, dashed1, dashed2, irregular – Various styles of broken lines to display where the brush strokes.

Stroke Color – Color for the stroke brush.
Fill Controls

Fill controls relate to the area inside the stroked region.

Fill Color – Color to fill the region.

Fill Pattern – None, Solid, Linear or Radial. With None – there is no fill. With Solid, all the fill region is set to the Fill Color. Linear or Radial use the Fill Gradient controls.

From Point, To Point – Start and end of gradient.

From Color, To Color – Start and end color of gradient.

From Gradient, To Gradient – 0 is beginning of color gradient and 1 is the end. You may adjust the start or end color using this property.

From Radius, To Radius – Use for radial fill pattern.

Extend – None, Reflect, Repeat, Pad. None will leave a blank space. Reflect, Repeat and Pad use different methods to fill the color.

Scaling – Fast, Good, Best, Nearest, Bilinear, Gaussian. To scale the filled region.

Translation controls relate to the movement of the object.

Translation – Move an object to a different position.

X-Scale, Y-Scale – Change the size of an object along X or Y-axis.

Rotation – Rotate the object at particular angle.

Rotation Center – Point around which rotation takes place.

Shear-X, Shear-Y – Transform that slants the shape of an object along X or Y-axis.



Download the zxp file.

After successful install, ProSya plug-ins will appear under the Prosya folder inside the ‘Effects' menu or under the ‘Effect & Presets' tab in After Effects.

The plugin has been tested with automated install methods like Anastasiy's Extension Manager or ZXP Installer. If automated install does not work, try the manual installation.

Install 7-zip or any similar unzip utility. Right Click on the .zxp and click 7-zip->Open Archive.

Double-click on WIN/ directory to view the .aex file.

Extract .aex file to the mediacore directory -
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore

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