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FOODY Christmas Edition for Adobe Photoshop

Create your Christmas designs with these new tasty food lettering effects!

Create your Christmas designs with these new tasty food lettering effects!


In this product, you get a whole set of realistic effects in the layers of layers, action games and brushes. It works well not only with text, but also with any graphics, for example, you can make your own blueberry pie logo, supplement this Christmas design with spruce branches, candles and cookies.

All effects work at a resolution of 300 dpi and allow you to create professional images for printing, postcards, flyers, banners, and so on. Working with this kit is not at all difficul.


⭐ 5 Drop Shadow Layer Styles
⭐ Flour Layer Style
⭐ Shadow+Volume Layer Style
⭐ Glaze Layer Style
⭐ Cherry Jam Layer Style
⭐ Blueberry Filling Layer Style
⭐ Blueberry Filling 2x Layer Style
⭐ Pastry Layer Style
⭐ Oat Cookie Layer Style
⭐ Gingerbread Layer Style
⭐ Tablecloth 1 Layer Style
⭐ 2 Flour Brushes
⭐ 2 Candy Sprinkes Brushes
⭐ Glaze Brush
⭐ Blueberry Pie Actions
⭐ Blueberry Pie 2x Actions
⭐ Flour Actions
⭐ Ripple Actions
⭐ Smoothing Actions
⭐ 10 JPG Backgrounds 6000x4000
⭐ 76 PNG Extras
⭐ 5 PSD Pre-made screnes (Blueberry Pie, Cherry Pie, Flour, Gingerbread, Oat Cookies)
⭐ Matchbox mock-up




There are add-on for Adobe Photoshop which you have after purchase in ZIP archrive. This is not a Photoshop Panel.

1. Run your Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app. Downloading may take some time, please stay calm.
2. After complete downloading the archive 'FOODY Christmas Edition.zip' will be downloaded to the 'Downloads' folder or the one you selected.
3. Unzip the archive into a folder. Open 'User Guide AE.pdf' and follow the instructions and watch video tutorials.
4. Open the Photoshop, and create your own design.


• To get started, simply drag-n-drop all three files into Adobe Photoshop. Foody Chrismas Actions.atn, Foody Christmas Brushes.abr, Foody Christmas Styles.asl
• You will see that in the Action window there is a new folder with several actions, brushes were added to the Brushes Window, and some collection of layer styles.
• To create your design, take one of the backgrounds included in the product, which are prepared with an optimal resolution for the effects.
• Create some text, run the Action ”Blueberry Pie” and you will see how the text turns into Blueberry Pie consisting of separate layers of filling and pastry. Similarly, you can use the action for any graphic objects.
• You can use the action ”Blueberry Pie 2x” for larger berries in the filling
• On the cake, you can place text or graphics with ”Pastry” layer style.
• Apply the ”Ripple” action to text and graphics to give an organic waviness to the edges of the layer.
• For any object or text, you can run the action ”Smoothing” to add smoothness to the outlines of the edges.
• The product contains several pre-made scenes. For example, open the file Cherry Pie.psd
• Add your text instead of the original, apply Pastry style to it. You can edit the objects and background in the scene for your design.
• Open another scene with the effect of ”Flour”, delete the layer with the effect to create some text and start the action ”Flour”.
• After completing the action, create a mask for the group of layers with the effect of ”Flour” from the contour of the cutting board to hide particles that go beyond the edges of the cutting board.
• During the ”Flour” action, all layers except the group with the effect become invisible, (this is a technological necessity) manually switch on the other layers.
• You can turn off some layers in the group with an effect to reduce the density of the filling flour.
• Open another effect, open the File ”Gingerbread.psd”, delete the layers with text and glaze to create your own graphics or text. Apply the layer style ”Gingerbread”, then start the Action ”Ripple”.
• Create a new layer for the glaze, use the brush ”Glaze” white or another light color. Apply the ”Glaze” layer style to add volume.
• Try another brush ”Candy Sprinkles 2”, choose a color (only the saturation matters, the shades will change automatically). Apply the ”Glaze” layer style.
• Also in the product you will find a mock up matchbox. Double-click on the thumbnail of the ”REPLACE” layer to open the temporary file and replace it with your own design. Close the temporary file with saving.
• See how another effect works: open the ”Oat Cookies.psd” file, delete the text layer to create your own graphics or text. Apply Layer Style ”Oat Cookie”, start action ”Ripple”. In the same way, you can apply the
effect to any graphics.

If you have any problems with installation process check this thread https://www.adobeexchange.com/resources/19

Сontact me at hello@graphicspirit.net


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