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SDVI Rally Access™

Metadata-assisted content verification and modification

Metadata-assisted content verification and modification

SDVI Rally Access metadata-assisted content verification and modification helps Adobe Premier Pro users work smarter, better, and faster. Find and complete QC and modification tasks more efficiently: Rally Access combines content and metadata on the timeline to guide you to exactly the right moment, tracking for each item being checked.
• Assisted QC & fix
• Compliance & distribution versioning
• Content segmentation
• Caption review & validation
• Manual metadata logging
• Project & EDL export and cloud render

Manual tasks appear automatically in Adobe Premiere Pro via the Rally Access panel, complete with time-based metadata from prior automated processes. This means all automated QC events, content markers, segment timings, and AI analysis results are available directly within your workspace. Easily locate specific areas of the content that need review, dramatically improving time to completion.


SDVI is an Emmy® Award-winning supplier of cloud-based media supply chain technology that empowers organizations to achieve business agility, realize operational efficiency, and pursue growth opportunities. The company's Rally media supply chain platform helps organizations build and manage a scalable and responsive infrastructure for optimizing the entire media supply chain from ingest to delivery. For more information, visit www.sdvi.com.

Teams and Enterprise:

Contact SDVI for scriptable automated installation processes: info@sdvi.com



version 2.26.0

Datasheet-Rally Access.pdf

In an open project, navigate to Window > Extensions.