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Portrait Artist

Portrait Artist turns your portrait photos into painted artworks.

Portrait Artist turns your portrait photos into painted artworks.


Portrait Painter creates amazing painted portraits. It generates 7 background variations. You can separately add color effects to the background and the model. You can pick from 5 paper textures.

Portrait Artist requires Oil Paint filter. Please make sure Oil Paint is not greyed out under Filter > Stylize.



You can find the product in ”DesignRocket-PortraitArtist” folder on your Desktop. Please follow these steps to install and use the product:

1- Open Photoshop, go to Actions Panel, click the top right menu icon and select ”Load Actions”. Locate ”Portrait Artist by DesignRocket.atn” file.

2- Open the Patterns Panel by going to Window > Patterns. Click the menu icon on the Patterns Panel and select ”Import Patterns”. Locate the ”Portrait Artist - Patterns.pat” file.

3- Open Shapes panel by going to Window > Shapes. Click the Manu icon and select ”Import Shapes”. Locate the Portrait Artist - Custom Shapes.csh” file

4- Open the Brushes panel by going to Window > Brushes. Click the menu icon and select ”Import Brushes”. Locate the Portrait Artist - Brushes.abr” file.

Open an image to work on. Go to Actions Panel, expand the ”Portrait Artist by DesignRocket” action set, select ”Portrait Artist by DesignRocket” action and click the play button.

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