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Alteon Cloud Extension

Alteon Cloud lets your whole team edit, sync and organize your media assets—at the same time.

Alteon Cloud lets your whole team edit, sync and organize your media assets—at the same time.

Alteon Cloud is a future-proofed platform for storing, editing and syncing digital assets.
With the Alteon extension, users can integrate Alteon Cloud directly into Adobe's editing suite for instant cloud syncing, proxy editing and seamless team-based collaboration—all remotely. Download an entire project of proxies or high-res assets and start editing immediately. Already have the footage on your local machine? Even better—there's no need to download anything except the file structure itself. Relink your media and you're good to go.

With Alteon Cloud, teams have access to world-class production tools that have previously only been accessible to enterprise companies. Multiple users can simultaneously upload, organize, edit and review their digital assets, reducing the friction between content creation and delivery. The Alteon extension for Premiere Pro also leverages Adobe's own React Spectrum library to provide a consistent experience between the panel and native application.

Some other features of the Alteon extension for Premiere Pro:

Ironclad security measures
Unlimited, scalable storage
Manage and organize assets in custom bins
Sync to the cloud
Proxy-only option
Track uploads and downloads
Check in projects directly to the cloud
Project file versioning
Render and upload to cloud with custom export settings

”The future of production isn't big, heavy desktops. Light. Small. Everything in the cloud. We'll be able to access everything freely—wherever we are.” - Hugs Etienne, Unreel Visuals

The Alteon extension is exclusively available to Alteon users. Not signed up yet? Start an account and get 10 GB of storage free. Learn more at alteon.io.

Teams and Enterprise:

Register at https://alteon.io to utilize Alteon Cloud Extension



Improved UI for column display

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