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Game Changer

"Game Changer" Extension for Premiere Pro that renames clips to filenames.

"Game Changer" Extension for Premiere Pro that renames clips to filenames.


The material imported into Premiere will have the original material name (file name) as the ”clip name”. The clip name is just a name handled in Premiere, and even if you change the clip name, the name of the referenced material does not change.
And if you change the file name directly in Finder etc., the path referenced by Premiere will change, so the clip will be media offline. ”Game Changer” renames the file to the same name as the clip in Premiere and automatically links to the changed path.

Batch change of clip name ”Rename Item”
”Add” adds characters before or after the clip name.
”Replace” replaces the characters in the searched clip name.
”Format” is the character entered in Custom Name + serial number.

You can restore the clip name to the original file name.

”Apply to TrackItem”
If you already have a clip on the timeline, apply the clip name on the Project panel to the clip name on the timeline.

”ClipName to FileName”
Applies the clip name to the file name of the material. If the file name changes, the location (file path) referenced by Premiere will change, so it will also link to the changed path.

Move files between folders.

Copy the file.



Finderなどで直接ファイル名を変更してしまうと、Premiereの参照しているパスが変わってしまうため、クリップはメディアオフラインになります。「Game Changer」は、Premiere上でクリップと同じ名前にファイル名を変更し、自動的に変更されたパスにリンクを行います。

クリップ名の一括変更「Rename Item」
「Format」はCustom Nameに入力した文字+連番にすることができます。


「Apply to TrackItem」

「ClipName to FileName」






After downloading, you will need to close and restart your Adobe Premiere Pro. After restart, go to Window -> Extensions -> Game Changer to open the extension.

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