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Flat Transitions Pack for Adobe Premiere Pro

Pack of 96 Flat Video Transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro. Seamless transitions, just drag and drop to timeline

Pack of 96 Flat Video Transitions for Adobe Premiere Pro. Seamless transitions, just drag and drop to timeline


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Flat Video Transitions Pack for Adobe Premiere Pro is a pack of 96 video transitions that represent a sliding effect. One video frame seems to slide off and the next organically replaces it.

Flat Transitions are very organic transitions in which the effect of real physical inhibition is implemented.

There are varieties of Flat. Flat with bounces, with the hit effect - as if one video frame crashes into the second, followed by oscillation that occurs after the collision of real physical objects. There is a Flat with a shake effect. There is Flat with the swinging effect - when the video frame, in addition to sliding, also swings. Also interesting is the Flat Tilt.
In addition, Flat Transitions also has different directions - Down, Left, Left Down, Left Up, Right, Right Down, Right Up and Up.

Flat are incredible dynamic stunning video transitions that have long been classics for video editors. It is in the Flat Video Transitions Pack that you will find the coolest and most advanced variations of this effect. We have worked very seriously and diligently to create the best Flat video transitions. These transitions will fill your videos with dynamics, variety and style.

● Supports FPS
● Resizable to any resolution
● Resizable to any aspect ratio
● Just drag&drop
● Fast Previews

● Compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 and late.
● Compatible with Windows and macOS
● Compatible with Apple M1 processor

For all questions, please contact us at info@videoeffects.top
We are always happy to help you!


Resolution Changing Manual.pdf
Installation and Use Manual.pdf

We recommend you to read 'Installation and Use Manual.pdf' before use this transition.
In this manual you will find detailed illustrated instructions for using these video transitions.

How to use

1. Run Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App.
1.1 If you are not logged in, please log in.
2. Download the zip file with the product. It may take a while to download.
3. The ZIP product will be downloaded to the standard 'Downloads' folder.
4. After the product is downloaded unzip it.
5. Open the .prproj file and resave it. This is required to adapt the project file to your version of Adobe Premiere Pro.
6. Drop the file you saved into the project window of the project you wish to use the transitions in.
7. After the window 'Import Project' will open, make sure that 'Allow importing duplicate media' is chosen.


For all questions, please contact us via info@videoeffects.top

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