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Digizuite™ Connector

Work seamlessly with assets from the Digizuite platform using your application of choice. Perfect for marketing, video & motion graphics specialists and photographers

Work seamlessly with assets from the Digizuite platform using your application of choice. Perfect for marketing, video & motion graphics specialists and photographers

The Digizuite Adobe Creative Cloud Connector (version 5.5.2) is an extension that integrates directly with your Digizuite Digital Asset Management platform (DAM).

Built by Digizuite, this Extension provides the simplest, most efficient way to search and find digital assets, and to then insert them directly into the right Adobe application so you waste no time getting to your creative work.

About the Digizuite Adobe Creative Cloud Connector
- Supports InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects
- Users can select and insert images, graphics, videos, and other rich media assets into applications without leaving the Adobe environment
- All file changes and updates made within Adobe applications are automatically saved in the DAM
- Includes both filter and browsing functions for quick, comprehensive searches through all folders and assets
- Quick, user-friendly installation and configuration
- Simple login either through Single Sign-on or using your DAM credentials
- Preview any asset and see associated metadata at the same time
- File check-in/check-out process of to eliminate overwrites and to ensure all Adobe files are always up-to-date
- Users can upload any asset on their local drive into the extension and directly it with colleagues
- Guaranteed asset protection with user rights settings

InDesign specific features:
- Supports a wide spectrum of file types: SVG, AI, PDF, etc.
- Link Manager that provides a simple overview of all asset links, identifying the location of every asset (whether stored locally or within the DAM)
- File quality/resolution adjustability: Save space and work faster by switching the quality and resolution of linked assets as needed
- Duplication detection in the DAM to identify when a user uploads an asset that already exists in the system
- Data exchange between the DAM and the Extension so that you can both download assets from the DAM to the connector and also upload assets from the connector into the DAM.
- Ability to share assets with your colleagues who also have DAM access, even if files are stored on local drives

How to get started:
- Download the Digizuite Adobe Creative Cloud Connector from either the Adobe Extensions menu or the Adobe Marketplace. For access, log into the Extension using your DAM credentials.

Disclaimer:The Digizuite Adobe Creative Cloud Connector is intended solely for users of the Digizuite DAM.

About the Digizuite DAM:
The Digizuite DAM is a digital asset management software platform that provides enterprises with a central repository for storing, managing, and protecting all rich media content and other digital assets – photos, graphics, logos, audio files, presentations, videos and all the other files that Adobe users require to create brand and product related content.
The solution optimizes every process of the content lifecycle – from creation to approval, upload and management, to search and distribution across all channels.
In addition to Adobe, the Digizuite is built on an Open API so that it seamlessly integrates and connects with a full spectrum of software applications. For example, the Digizuite DAM will integrate with your content management system and other website tools, content creation suites, eCommerce platforms, social media tools, email solutions, and more.
To learn more about the Digizuite DAM, or to schedule a demo, visit https://www.digizuite.com/about#block-yui_3_17_2_62_1470810551295_7255.

Teams and Enterprise:

Please ensure to contact Digizuite consultants to run necessary label scripts.



- Custom Filters have been added to the connector


The plugin will be installed with your Creative Cloud App.

On successful installation of the plugin then simply go to 'Window -> Extension' and then select Digizuite™. A window should appear that asks for your Digizuite URL, username and password.