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Halftone FX Photo Effects for Photoshop

Turn any image - photo or illustration into engraving with this PSD photo effects pack.

Turn any image - photo or illustration into engraving with this PSD photo effects pack.


Halftone FX offers a convenient way to turn any image, photo or illustration into a photocopy, printer press or engraving.

This photo effect set is designed as a PSD file: just place your image to the special layer and you're all set!

- Well-organized layered PSD with smart-object placeholder
- 6 curved lines/dot effects
- 7 color styles
- .PAT patterns included
- Step-by-step guide



- Run your Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop app.
- After your file has synced, it will be available in your in your local ”Downloads” folder (Halftone FX by Presetrain Co.zip). Unzip this archive to any folder.

Can't find the download?

- Open the Creative Cloud desktop application, click the three vertical dots icon in the upper-right, and then select Preferences.
- Click Creative Cloud and select Files. Ensure that File Sync is enabled.

How to Use:

1. Open Halftone FX.PSD in Adobe Photoshop. You should see the document structure in the Layers panel. If you don't, open it via Window -> Layers menu.
2. The top layer titled «Double Click Thumb and Edit» is the one where you should place your source image. As the title suggests, double-click this layer's thumbnail to open a Smart Object file where you should put your image. Close it and answer «Yes» when asked to save changes.
3. Now choose the effect your like from the «Effects» group. Some styles work better with objects on darker backgrounds, some with brighter, or with more or less contrasty images. If not sure, just use the default and most versatile Curved 1.
4. Then, select the color palette from the Color Styles layer group. Please make just one layer visible for the most clean result. However, you can always try and experiment with combining them, or even create your own. Just go to Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Gradient Map... and add your own gradient colors.
5. You're all set! You may want to flatten the image (combining blending modes) for even cleaner effect!


- For optimal results, please use high-contrast images (photos or illustrations) with clean light or dark backgrounds.

- If something goes wrong with Effect pattern styles, make sure you have them loaded into Photoshop (.pat file included). To do it, right-click on one of the layers from the Effect group, choose Blending Options... and go to Pattern Overlay. There, click on the arrow next to the pattern preview box, then click on the Gear with arrow in the top right corner and select Load Patterns... to point to the desired .pat file.

In case you need any assistance, please feel free to contact our support: presetrain@gmail.com

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