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Astro Panel Pro

Speed up and minimize your workflow in Adobe Photoshop. We decided to rename our Astro Panel "Pro" because everything has been revolutionized.

Speed up and minimize your workflow in Adobe Photoshop. We decided to rename our Astro Panel "Pro" because everything has been revolutionized.


Astro Panel is the most powerful plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CC that easy you the post production of Landscape, Cityscape, Nightscape, Milky Way, Startrail and Deep Sky images. Through this software and its ebook you will learn how to edit all your images, manage Luminosity, Color and Tonality Masks in real time and more, more and more.

Not just post production. Now the features of Fusion are part of Astro Panel. What came out is an all-in-one plug-in that will allow you to do anything in photography.

Do what Adobe Photoshop can't do!

Astro Panel will allow you to merge images to create a beautiful silk effect, merge shots for startrails, perform deep sky stacking in an extremely fast way and with a revolutionary Dual Pass alignment algorithm specifically developed for star alignment and which allows their alignment with surprising accuracy and speed.

You can produce magnificent HDR photos of the deep sky from the stack of three image sets. With the latest updates we have introduced image fusion for focus stacking, classic HDR and HDR multi-exposure at night.

In Astro Panel you will not find the simple Adobe Photoshop image merger as in other plug-ins on the market. In fact, the code for joining the images was written from scratch to speed up the workflow even for less powerful PCs and times are halved compared to other stand-alone programs.



We have implemented the following new features:

-Saturation: For ever more vivid and perfect colours.

-Orton Pro: Unlike the classic Orton, this time you will have the possibility to customize the effect to your liking.

-Orton Sharp: Don't you like the dream effect because it makes you lose detail? Our programmers have found the perfect solution to have a clean, crisp Orton effect that doesn't spoil the details.

-Glow: For a soft and decisive effect.

-Vignette: For professional and advanced vignette.

-Rescue Highlights: To recover the lights without creating artefacts.

-Rescue Shadows: To recover the shadows without creating noise.

-Noise Reduction Shadows: To reduce noise from the heaths.

-Noise Chrominance Reduction

-New Noise Reduction

-Refined Clarity

-Mid-Highlights contrast 50%

-Astro Noise Reduction: To reduce noise without affecting the haze

-Astro Noise Luminance Reduction: To reduce the luminance without creating artefacts

-Astro Noise Chrominance Reduction: To reduce chrominance without affecting haze

-Remove Green Cast: To reduce the green cast typical in astrophotography

And more, more and more...

How to use Astro Panel 6 ENG.pdf
Manuale Astro Panel Pro 6 ITA.pdf

Photoshop >Window > Extension > AstoPanelPro 6.0

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