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Sky Replacement Bundle for Adobe Photoshop

Collection of 450+ high quality sky photos for Sky Replacement function in Adobe Photoshop and Luminar

Collection of 450+ high quality sky photos for Sky Replacement function in Adobe Photoshop and Luminar


Huge sale! $28 instead of total cost of $130!

Sky Replacement Bundle is a complete collection of all our sky packs.

The Bundle includes 450+ images and 15 collections:
30 Aesthetic sky images
31 Birds sky images
41 Clear sky images
46 Cloudy sky images
61 Dramatic sky images
21 High Clouds sky images
25 Light Clouds sky images
30 Lightning sky images
26 Massive Clouds sky images
20 Polar Lights sky images
20 Rainbow sky images
36 Starry sky images
18 Stormy sky images
43 Sunrise sky images
43 Sunset sky images

The collection will continue to grow and you will receive all new materials along with the update of this bundle.

Just open your photo, choose the sky image to replace and you're done!

This photo collection is specially created for the 'sky replacement' function, which is an automatic sky replacement. Available since Adobe Photoshop 2021 and late.

Compatible with Luminar
Compatible with Adobe Photoshop 2021 and late
Compatible with macOS and Windows

For all questions please contact us via info@skycollection.top


How to Replace the Sky.pdf

1. Download the product zip file using the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App. Please wait until the download is complete.
2. After complete downloading the archive will be downloaded to the ‘Downloads' folder or the one you selected.
3. Unzip the archive into any folder convenient for you.
4. Double click 'Sky Replacement Bundle (double click here).url'
5. Download the archive . Keep claim, it may take a time.


1. Open Adobe Photoshop and go Edit > Sky Replacement
2. The Sky Replacement properties window will appear
3. Open dropdown list and click '+' to add a new sky image
4. Select select this new sky
5. Adjust the settings to create the perfect image

You're done!

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