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One platform to track and manage all your creative projects. Simplify your proofing, editing and creative collaboration workflows with Spheero.

One platform to track and manage all your creative projects. Simplify your proofing, editing and creative collaboration workflows with Spheero.

Spheero is a cloud-based solution made up of a number of creative modules, apps and workflows uniquely fronted with a robust project management tool. Spheero is the new way to seamlessly achieve effective creative collaboration.

Our innovative approach transforms creative collaboration – one platform that enables marketing teams to work smarter and faster; saving time and money, improving communication and streamlining processes.

Designed to integrate deeply with Adobe Creative Cloud, think of Spheero as another member of your team, empowering you to seamlessly manage the creative process; from project creation, through the multi-layered proofing process, to the final deliverables.

Spheero tracks and logs every tiny change right down to the single space to give a fully reportable history on how the creative journey evolved. Stay confident, error-free and totally compliant for SOC2, ISO and company policies.

Every version of the proof is saved and stored in the document history with a revert option. Collaborators can view and compare all the previous comments, seeing what feedback designers gave on requested changes and when they took action on them.

With many businesses moving to be home-based, now more than ever is the time to embrace digital transformation. The age of virtual teamwork is here and the future of creative collaboration is Spheero.

Key features of Spheero include:

- Project Management - Manage tasks, clients, users, deadlines and more in one dashboard
- Create a content workflow that works for your business and for each job, task or project
- Creative collaboration of multiple file types in one place
- Proofing of websites and videos through the web app
- Full audit trail of all changes and comments
- Share proofs through Slack, Microsoft Teams and other integrations
- Asset management - request assets, upload and review in an asset collection area
- Traffic management - an overview of all projects in one screen, their status with filtering capabilities
- Automated version control
- Around 1 hour per day in admin time saved for creatives
- Automatically routing content to different teams
- Safe and secure, Oppolis is ISO 27001 : 2013 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified
- Unlimited collaborators (no sign up required) with iOS and Android app
- Receive copy edits from collaborators and place them directly onto your document


”Oppolis has made good use of the Creative Cloud platform by building a panel that gives their customers access to Proofing capabilities directly within Adobe tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, which streamlines the review and approval process for creative teams.”

Drew Endick, Platform Partnerships, Creative Cloud, Adobe


The Spheero extension for Adobe Creative Cloud is free to install. A paid Spheero account is required to use the Spheero system on an ongoing basis. A 14-day free and unlimited multi-user trial with support is available.



1. Download and install the Spheero add-on from this page
2. Open Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator
3. Select and open the Spheero Add-on by navigating to Window > Extensions > Spheero
4. In the Spheero panel click Create Spheero Account to set one up or LOG IN if you have one already
5. That's it, start proofing amazing creative cloud work!

Any problems with install, please go to our support page at https://support.oppoliscloud.com/spheero-getting-started/installing-the-spheero-adobe-cc-extension

If you have any issues installing an extension using the standard instructions above, please use Adobe's alternative install method. To do this, visit your My Exchange page https://www.adobeexchange.com/my-exchange.html, click on the 'Install issues?' link to the right, then follow the instructions to install it using an Extension Install Utility. If you're still getting stuck, email asupport@adobe.com for help!

If you have any general user questions, visit the Oppolis support page at https://support.oppoliscloud.com/

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