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Xinet PlugIns for Adobe InDesign 2021-Windows

Xinet Plug-ins for Adobe Indesign 2021 incl Annotator, Xinet Metadata, Picture Wrangler, and Xinet Support.

Xinet Plug-ins for Adobe Indesign 2021 incl Annotator, Xinet Metadata, Picture Wrangler, and Xinet Support.

Northplains Xinet Plug-Ins for Adobe InDesign 2021 (for macOS)

Includes the following:

Annotator 2021
Allows users to print PostScript to a Xinet PDF queue. When viewing the generated PDF, users can click on an image to go to the original image on the Xinet server.

Xinet Metadata 2021
Adds custom XMP information to InDesign documents so that when these documents are viewed on Xinet, users can search for text content and see full previews, including linked images.

Xinet Support 2021
Allows users to ”drag and drop” images from Xinet directly onto an InDesign document. Supported browsers: Xinet Pilot, Safari, and Google Chrome.

Picture Wrangler 2021
Facilitates the use of an Open Prepress Interface (OPI) environment, allowing users to relink/switch between For Placement Only (FPO) images and the original high-resolution images, to achieve high-quality output.

PDF Export Presets and PPDs for Xinet PDF/IR
These InDesign presets ensure PDF exports from InDesign use the correct options to support Xinet's PDF Image Replacement (IR) for both local and remote Workflows. Adobe PDF presets and PostScript Printer Descriptions (PPDs) are provided.



Xinet or Xinet Studio, Adobe InDesign 2021.

The Northplains Xinet plug-ins are installed automatically on download.

To check if they are loaded in InDesign, go to InDesign > About > Plugins > Northplains.

Where to Find:
The Northplains Xinet plug-ins for Adobe InDesign are installed to a ”Xinet” directory inside of the Plug-Ins folder.

For Picture Wrangler 2021, Adobe InDesign users can access a Plug-Ins > Picture Wrangler menu, where they can choose to relink select images or all images or open the high-resolution image in the default editor for that file type.

For other Plug-Ins, there is no UI. As users update their InDesign files, the plug-ins add XMP information to the InDesign files so that Xinet users are able to use enhanced features when the files are loaded into Xinet.

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