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Easy photo editing in a click!

Easy photo editing in a click!


Are your photos feeling dull or lifeless? Maybe they have the blues or are feeling a bit off color? Perhaps they are suffering from less than perfect vision, or are in need of some serious light therapy? Our staff of PsD's, professionally trained in even the most severe cases of photo maladies have developed an ingenious way to go from 'gah' to 'aha!' in one swift click. With our uniquely prescribed Photoshop actions we have created what we like to dub 'a cure for the common capture'. *Please see our photo samples to get an idea of what our Photoshop actions are capable of. You may even revive your image in just 1 click: http://youtu.be/UDXAOY9VQMU

-A set of 33 Photoshop actions for one click editing goodness + complete (easy) editing control
-Our 26 page pdf which has descriptions + samples of all of the actions in umm, action! Links to tutorials for most commonly used Photoshop tasks to best use your actions.



Updated Warmth, added Color correct specifically for Photoshop CC grain. Bonus actions in set include a crushed whites, which softens highlights for a filmic look, a subtle film grain action.

The file will go into your computer's Downloads folder automatically after a few moments.

1. Now unzip the Foto Rx folder (if you are reading this you have + congrats!)
2. You’ll find a FotoRx.atn file-double click
3. Open your Photoshop CS3-or higher program
4. In Photoshop go to Window > Actions, you should see your Foto Rx actions installed!

Alternate actions loading:

1. Open your Photoshop CS5-or higher program
2. In Photoshop go to Window > Actions,
3. Within the Actions Tab, select the small dropdown arrow in the upper right of the palette and click the ”Load Actions”.
4. Find your Foto Rx download and click on the FotoRx.atn.
5. Once this is opened your actions folder will appear in the actions tab.
6. Once the FotoRx actions appear in your actions palette you are ready to begin!

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Terms of Use:

Foto Rx grants the buyer a personal or professional use, non-transferable license. License is for the individual purchaser and does not extend to an entire business. Further distribution, of any kind is prohibited. Foto Rx designers retain all copyrights & ownership of the media.

This means, no sharing the files, or selling them in any form. Derivative works are also prohibited.

Due to the instant access to these downloads, we are unable to process returns. All sales are final.

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