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DMXzone Bootstrap Elements

35 ready to go elements for DMXzone Bootstrap

35 ready to go elements for DMXzone Bootstrap


DMXzone Bootstrap Elements is an amazing addition to the DMXzone Bootstrap extension. With its 35 extremely useful and ready to go elements you can design fantastic pages within minutes, directly in Dreamweaver. The extension comes with easy accessible elements panel and inspector floating panel where you can customize each element with just a few mouse clicks.

It includes a wide range of elements for typography, tables, forms, buttons, images, icons, pagination, layouts, thumbnails, media and many more. Supplied with lightweight designs, the elements can be styled for any page layout. Build your fully responsive pages with DMXzone Bootstrap and select from 35 different, fully customizable Bootstrap elements to bring your website to a whole new level!

You need to have DMXzone Bootstrap installed in Dreamweaver CS5.5+ in order to install Elements!



Version 1.0.1

Support for the latest DMXzone Bootstrap 1.1.0
Updated DMXzone Head Include global component to support full paths from CDN

You can access the DMXzone Bootstrap from the Insert panel -> Bootstrap Elements

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