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FishEyeLomo (Win)

Combine FishEye and Cross Processing in a powerful Windows plug-in

Combine FishEye and Cross Processing in a powerful Windows plug-in


As the name suggests, the FishEye Lomo camera has a fish-eye lens. It was the first 35mm compact camera to offer such a wide angle (170undefined), and has been producing amazing results.

FishEye Lomo replicates this effect on all your photos and offers many many controls:

• FishEye adjustments.. easily adjust the spherical effect, from a blown fisheye.. to a vintage TV screen.
• Lomo adjustments.. cross process your photo and create the vintage look of the original fish-eye lomo camera.
• Fade.. adjust the lens fade for nice rendering.
• Color controls... independent RGB, contrast adjustment, you can even use a negative.
• Double Exposure... easily combine and blend another photo and create the amazing multiple exposure effects those cameras were able to achieve.

FishEye Lomo by juxtaposing images and effects conveys a message and a real emotion.
We love what you can create with it, you will love it too.

FishEyeLomo will also automatically frame your result and add a shadow for the final touch.

FishEyeLomo is also available on Macintosh:



After Installation, launch Photoshop, open an RGB image, and the plug-in will show in the filter menu of Photoshop under 'HumanSoftware'.

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