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DMXzone Supersized 2

Amazing fullscreen background slideshows

Amazing fullscreen background slideshows


Create an awesome fullscreen background slideshow that will convey the right message better than any text! The supersized images are displayed behind objects like menus, text fields or any other content that you have on your site. DMXzone Supersized 2 is supplied with stylish navigation controls with keyboard support and CSS skins that you can choose from or edit to fit any website perfectly. You shouldn't worry about resizing anymore! All your images will become browser specific so regardless of the window size or the monitor size of your device the background images will be perfectly matched up.

Along with the great HTML5 Data Bindings integration, you can also use DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP and create dynamic slideshows with ease.



Version 2.0.1

Improved Dreamweaver CC 2015 compatibility

You can access the extension from the DMXzone Object bar and then click the ”DMXzone Supersized 2” icon or from the Insert/DMXzone Menu.

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