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Romance Photo (Win)

Plug-In to add a romantic touch to your photos... simply easy, powerful, and beautiful.

Plug-In to add a romantic touch to your photos... simply easy, powerful, and beautiful.


For the perfect romantic effect, this plug-in comes with more than 50 ready-made styles that you can preview over your own photos in a snap.

For more advanced users, you can create a romantic mood and apply it to any picture... Through this beautiful filter you will add a unique chemistry.

One of the many mood styles available:
? Dreamy Blacks
Turn to black and soften, mix black colors and make it one of a kind.
? Dreamy Colors
Simply render a dreamy soft image.
? Hazy
Make it smoother, make it go, make it mellow, make it come through the cloud, create romance....
? Glowing HighLights
This is adding a light glow to photos... simply glamorous.
? Day By Night
Add a dark ambiance and lighten your photo at the right place. This is the famous day by night French movie effect.
? Sunset
The beautiful lighting of the morning is there.
? Morning Fresh
For all those photos, that needs a simple clean wake up.. .we made them fresh!
? Ethereal
This is a magic ambiance. Is it day? Is it night? It is weird and simply out of this world.

? Soft Focus... adjust focus where you want it and how you want it.
? Vignetting... different kinds of Vignettes such as Diamond, Cross, Circular, Rectangular with exposure control that creates very smooth blends.
? Borders&Shadows...Easily add beautiful clean borders and soft shadows of any color.
? Soft Focus... Smoothly create an outside out of focus effect, for a very gentle and mellow mood.

As usual.. we are behind our software. If there are more effects that you want us to add, contact us, and we will make it happen.

You can get the Macintosh version from :



- Simplify User Interface
- Additional Effects
- Adobe native color picker support
Color Library (Pantone, TRuMatch, Toyo) support

Install, restart Photoshop, Open an RGB image, in the filter menu you will see the plug-in HumanSoftware>RomancePhoto

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