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DMXzone Cordova Builder

Define, generate and build mobile applications

Define, generate and build mobile applications


DMXzone Cordova Builder allows you to define, generate and build mobile applications based on Apache Cordova (formerly known as PhoneGap), empower and replace the old deprecated Dreamweaver PhoneGap build. With this awesome tool it's possible to deploy your app build in regular HTML5 and CSS as a mobile app to all of the major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, Amazon Fire OS, Firefox OS and more. No need for complicated installations and command line wizardry.You can run all the needed commands right from the dedicated floating panel and see all the desired output. Run, build or emulate is a single click away!



Version 1.0.1

Improved Dreamweaver CS6 and CC compatibility - now you can fully empower the build-in DMXzone Cordova Builder Shell!
Correct detection for Android Studio and SDK on 64 bit Windows in CS6
Added check for required extensions components

From the Window menu open the DMXzone Cordova Builder panel.
When you open DMXzone Cordova Builder for the first time a message explaining that a system check is required appears. Click ”yes” so the system check can be executed.
Once all the required components are installed, restart Dreamweaver and you're ready to go.

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