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Convert flat 2D dielines into beautiful 3D shapes.

Convert flat 2D dielines into beautiful 3D shapes.

Origami plug-in is a part of the Origami application which you can download from: http://boxshot.com/origami/ which lets you preview your flat 2D dielines and artwork in 3D. Origami folds dielines to 3D shapes and allows you to save them as images or export to 3D formats for further processing.

Please note that this plug-in is free from Adobe Add-ons, but the overall application mentioned above is not free. More information can be found at the Boxshot link provided above.



Version 1.5 comes with Illustrator CC 2015 support, better 3D PDF export (including large textures), customizable preview and production artwork quality and some minor bugfixes. See more details here: http://boxshot.com/2015/06/22/origami-1-5.html

Origami plug-in requires the main Origami application to work. Please download it from here: http://boxshot.com/origami/ then run and make sure the plug-in is installed, as well.

The application will then locate the plug-in and will be able to communicate with Illustrator.

Origami adds no panel or menu items to Illustrator itself and is fully controlled through the main application.

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