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Control Colors in Adobe Illustrator

Control Colors in Adobe Illustrator

Colorist is a fast and accurate tool for editing colors and creating color palettes in Adobe Illustrator. There is three different color tools in Colorist. Tweak your colors in precise steps, use random colors with range controls or set colors easily to selected items. Try it out for yourself! You'll be amazed on how Colorist will speed up your workflow.

More Info: http://colorist.creatide.com
Introduction Video: https://youtu.be/3yjeq154hzk


- Three different tools to take control of your colors.

- Precise color controlling in RGB color channels between values of 0-255.
- Tweak only red, green or blue channel, or all of them simultaniously. Color value is individually applied, so you can increse all colors from selected items at the same time.
- Adjust color brightness and saturation values.
- Affect solely on the selected items and elements e.g. control only border colors of the selected items.

- Randomize all channels or just a single one.
- Slider for controlling the range of random values e.g. So let's say you only want bright colors. Easy, just set the range to higher values.
- You can randomize only selected colors (e.g. reds) by pressing CTRL / CMD while pressing the selected channel.
- Randomize only greyscale colors.
- Randomize only between selected custom colors. Select colors from Setter and randomize only between those colors.
- Randomize characters one by one to get random colors to every character of text item. Just press CTRL / CMD shortcut while pressing ”All Channels” button.
- Randomizing values is often very useful e.g. for getting ideas for a color theme or just making some abstract artwork. Randomizer is hot!

- Select elements and pick all colors from them. You can limit color picking solely to fill, stroke or text colors.
- Set colors only to selected items and their attributes e.g. affect only items that have a border.
- You're not limited to only use one open AI-document. You can collect colors from any open documents and use them everywhere.
- Transfer colors from Setter to Illustrator swatches. CMYK document colors are not correct and should only be used for initial drafts.
- Make Gradient to Illustrator swatches by selecting colors in Setter and press gradient button.
- Setter color library is not saved anywhere, so it's only for temporary usage. You can remove colors by deleting them or just pressing the reload plugin button.
- Setter helps in picking colors faster and setting them to specific elements.

- Colorist works even in CMYK mode by converting values from RGB values. CMYK mode is only for visual aid in finding colors. Values are not precise when converting between colorspaces. CMYK color mode is not recommended for print or precise color controlling and should only be used for initial drafts.
- Compatible with both Mac and Windows environments, Colorist supports Adobe Illustrator CC2014 and CC2015.



1.0.4 - 2.12.2015
- Fixed bug where picking colors from text items generate duplicate colors.
- Optimizing performance with Setter picker function.
- Fixed problems where buttons stopped to work in visually after Illustrator was updated to new version.

1.0.3 - 3.9.2015
- Text Element Border is now working. Also works if there is only some characters with borders/fills.
- Now text items that contains multiple colors in characters can be edited based to single character own color.
- Get random colors to every character of text item(s) by pressing All Channels while pressing CTRL/CMD shortcut key.
- Make Gradient to Illustrator swatches by selecting colors in Setter and press gradient button.
- Fixed error if ”Patter Color” and ”Gradient Color” is selected. Now skip those colors.
- Added warning message for long text items because Colorist check one by one of every single character and that could be a slow process.

1.0.2 - 9.8.2015
- Send to swatches function added in Setter module (CMYK conversion values are displayed incorrectly in swatches).
- Added CMYK colorspace warning icon and message.
- Added visual indicator for the button that uses shortcuts. Works only when mouse moving and user pressing shortcut button.
- Fixed Setter bug that add color even there is no document opened.
- Fixed couple UI bugs.
- Fixed icon size.

1.0.1 - 9.7.2015
- OSX ”Ctrl” button fixed to work instead with ”CMD” button.
- Icons changed to SVG format for the better quality.

1.0.0 - 7.7.2015
- First public version release.

After installation, navigate to ”Windows -> Extensions -> Colorist” to open panel.

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