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BlackWhite Edit for Lightroom (Mac)

BlackWhite Studio as an Edit to Lightroom (Mac)

BlackWhite Studio as an Edit to Lightroom (Mac)


With Black & White Studio, right inside LightRoom go beyond traditional black and white presets, create and adjust in a snap Stunning Black & White or MultiTone Images.

If you are a professional, a hobbyist or simply someone who wants to get the most from their photos, BlackWhite Studio gives you all the adjustments you need to create high quality black and white or multi-tone images.

Easy Start with HUNDREDS of Presets..
More than 150 presets are available. A special panel lets you instantly preview the effect on your image. If you like what you see, you’re done. If you wish to go further, you will be able to tune color filtering, contrast, brightness, exposure, toning, vignetting and much more so you get a unique image.
Ability to scroll and select presets through a scroll list.

Add Borders, Vignetting and Finishing Touches.
Black White Studio is the only of its kind, that comes with an extensive library of edges, you can even use your own image for a glorious final touch. Experimenting is fast and fun, and you have instant gratification.

Black White Studio is not only for Black & White Images!
You have a photo lab under your hands and you can now play between your color image and a black and white or a new toned image. You manipulate DuoTones, TriTones and all the silver plates, to achieve amazing and vibrant results.

Black Booster...
This is one of our signature Black & White effect, that will bring an astounding extra dimension to your Photos.

BlackWhite Edit are not Presets but a full blown application that gives you infinite variations!



1/ Goto "My Add-ons page" and install your Add-on.

2/ Check the "Download" folder on your computer and unzip the BlackWhiteEdit1_InstallerHSC.zip file.

3/ Double click on BlackWhiteEdit1_InstallerHSC.app and complete the installation by dragging icon toward ’Applications’

4/ Launch Lightroom and go to ’Preferences’ under the Lightroom tab in the top menu bar.

5/ The ’Preferences’ dialog box will open, select the tab ’External Editing’
within the ’Additional External Editor’ right side of ’Preset’ click on ’Choose’
and select EssentialsEdit you will find within the ’Applications’ folder

6/ Click on the popup ’Preset’ and select ’Save Current Settings as New Preset’, give the name EssentialsEdit

7/ Close Preferences and you ready to use EssentialsEdit? for so simply right click on any photo and you will see ’Edit In’, or access ’Edit In’ from the ’Photos’ in the menu bar

8/ The first time you will validate an effect with this add-on you will prompted to register and enter the serial number that was provided to you at order time.

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