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Retro Exposure Presets

Film Emulation Presets for Adobe Lightroom.

Film Emulation Presets for Adobe Lightroom.


Once upon a time if you wanted to take a photo, it had to be shot on film. You would buy a roll, load your camera and take your pictures. Afterwards you would take the roll to the photo lab to get developed and you would finally see your photos. Digital photography has changed all this. There is no need for film, chemicals or darkrooms.
Give digital camera footage the color and grain of your favorite vintage film stocks. Rediscover analog photography with this amazing film emulation presets pack!
Follow the link below to see the PDF preview album-

1. Color Film Effects (69 presets)
2. Black & White Film Effects (61 presets)
3. Vintage Color Film Effects (73 presets)
4. Historical Photography - Colour (43presets)
5. Historical Photography - Monochrome (68 presets)

Color Film Effects. This collection consists of pure color film emulations.

- Agfa: Agfachrome 1000RS, CT Precisa 100, Optima 100, RSX II 100, Ultra Color 50, Vista 200
- Fuji: Astia 100F, Fortia SP 50, FP 100C, Instax 100, Pro 160C/400H/800Z, Provia 100F/400X, Reala Ace 100, Superia 100/200/400, Superia Reala 100, Superia X-TRA 400/800, Velvia 50/100F
- GAF: 200 Anscochrome, 500 Anscochrome
- Kodak: Ektachrome 64T/400X/E100G/E100S/E200/P1600, Ektar 25/100, Elite Chrome 200 ED/EB 100, Gold 100/200/400, High Definition 200/400, Kodachrome 25/64/200, Portra 160 NC/400 NC/800
- Konica: Centuria 200/400, Color JX 100/JX 200/JX400, Super XG 100/200
- Lomography X Tungsten 64, Lomography X-Pro 200
- Other : Jessops SHR 100/200, ORWO Chrom UT18/21, Polaroid 690, Polaroid 990, Svema Color 125/DS-4/DS100

Black and White Film Emulation Effects. This collection consist of pure black and white film emulations

- Adox: CHS 100 II, CMS 20 II, Silvermax 21
- Agfa: Agfapan APX 25/100/400, Scala 200X
- Foma: Fomapan 100 Classic, Fomapan 200 Creative, Fomapan 400 Action
- Fuji: Neopan Acros 100, Neopan Pro 400, Neopan Pro 1600
- Ilford: Delta 100/400/3200, FP4 Plus 125, HP5+ @800, HP5 Plus 400, Ortho Plus, Pan 100, Pan F Plus 50, SFX200, XP2 Super 400
- Kodak: Kodalith Ortho, Panatomic-X 32, PLUS-X 125, Pro BW400CN, Technical Pan, HIE , T-MAX 100/400/P3200, TRI-X 400
- Konica: Infrared 750nm, Konica PAN 100/400
- Rollei: InfraRed 400S, Ortho 25, Retro 80's, Retro 100 Tonal, Retro 400S, Superpan 200
- Other: Arista Edu Ultra 100/200/400, Polaroid Polapan Pro 100, Silberra U200/U400, Bergger BRF 200/400 Plus, ERA 100, ORWO N74/NP15/NP20, Svema FN64/FN125

Vintage Color Film Effects. This collection consists of vintage color film emulations and cross processing. Cross process is a technique that was originally developed for processing film images. By processing the film in the wrong type of chemicals, you could create a highly stylised image with drastically different colours and contrast.

- Adox Color Implosion 100 / cross process
- Agfa: Agfacolor XRG 100 / exp. film red shadows; Agfacolor XRG 200 / exp. film green shadows; CT Precisa 100 / xpro dark blue; Optima 200 / exp. film; Optima 400 / exp. film green highlights; Portra 160 / exp .film purple shadows; RSX II 100 / xpro cyan cast; RSX II 200 / xpro blue shadows; Vista 400 / exp. film green shadows
- Fuji: Fortia SP 50 / exp. film magenta shadows; Fujicolor 100 / exp. film green shadows; Fujicolor 200 / exp. film matte shadows; Fujicolor 400 / exp. film purple cast; NPS 160 / xpro blue shadows; Pro 800Z / vintage film violet shadows; Provia 100F / xpro lc-a green cast; Provia 400F / xpro blue shadows; Sensia 100 / xpro magenta cast; Superia 200 / expired film; Velvia 50 / lomo lc-a xpro green cast; Velvia 100F / exp film purple shadows
- GAF: 50 Anscochrome / vintage print; GAF 200 Anscochrome / vint. print green shadows; GAF 500 Anscochrome / vintage print
- Hema: 200 CN / vintage print; 400 CN / exp. film green shadows
- Kodak: Ektachrome 64T / exp. film brown shadows; Ektachrome E100S / xpro green cast; Ektachrome E100G / xpro purple cast; Ektachrome E100VS / exp film blue shadows; Ektachrome GX 100 / xpro green cast; Ektar 25 / expired film; Ektar 100 / vintage print; Ektar 125 / vintage film; Elite Chrome 200 ED / xpro green shadows; Elite Chrome EB 100 / xpro exp. film; Elite Chrome EBX100 / lomo lc-a, xpro; Gold 100 / redscaled; Gold 200 / vintage print; Gold 400 / exp. film blue cast; Portra 400VC / expired film; Royal Gold 25 / exp. film red shadows; Royal Gold 100 / lomo lc-a; Royal Gold 200 / exp film green cast; Royal Gold 400 / xpro, blue shadows; Royal Supra 400 / exp. film purple shadows; Ultra Max 400 / exp. film violet shadows
- Konica: Centuria 200 / exp. film green shadows; Super SR-V 100 / exp. film cyan cast; Super XG100 / exp. film green shadows; VX 100 / exp. film; VX 200 / vintage print green cast; VX 400 / exp. film green shadows
- Lomography: Redscale XR 50-200 / iso 50; Redscale XR 50-200 / iso 200; X-Pro 200 / xpro green shadows
- ORWO: Chrom UT 18 / vintage print green cast; Chrom UT 21 / vintage film scan; Color NC 21 / exp. film magenta cast
- Perutz: Perutz SC100 / exp film green cast; Perutz Peruchrome / vintage slide
- Polaroid: 600 / vintage print blue tone; 669 / exp. slide purple shadows; Polachrome 35mm / exp film
- Rite Aid: 200 / exp. film light blue cast; 400 / vintage print green shadows
- Rollei: Crossbird 200 / xpro lomo lc-a; Digibase CR200 Pro / xpro blue shadows

Historical Photography - Color. This collection costist of color vintage and retro effects.

- Agfacolor Neu: vintage print cyan cast; purple shadows; yellowed
- Autochrome: green shadows; purple shadows; yellowed
- Casein Pigment Print: blue shadows; magenta shadows
- Dufaycolor: pure effect; green cast
- Ektachrome: extreme fading; pure effect; purple shadows
- Fuji Transfer: bright yellow; light yellow
- Gum Bichromate: cyan cast; blue cast
- Kodachrome 35mm: pure effect; blue shadows; green shadows
- Kodachrome II: pure effect; purple cast
- Kodacolor: purple shadows; pure effect; green highlights
- Polaroid Image Transfer: violet shadows; green cast; cream tone
- Polaroid Type 59 : blue shadows; pure effect; green shadows
- Temperaprint: blue shadows; green shadows
- Tricolor Gum Over Cyanotype: ver.1/2
- Vivex Colour Print: blue shadows; red shadows; yellowed

Historical Photography - Monochrome. This collection costist of monochrome and black&white vintage and retro effects.

- Albumen (brown tone, green tone), Ambrotype (light green tone, brown tone), Anthotype (blue tone, yellow highlights), Argyrotype (flint gray tone), Bromoil (dark brown tone, green tone), Calotype (black and white, brown tone), Carbon Print (orange tone), Chrysotype (magenta-cyan tone), Copper Photogravure (yellow tone), Cyanotype (bright cyan tone, violet-cream tone), Cyanotype over Gum (blue and yellow), Daguerreotype (blue tone, black&white, yellowed), Dry Plate (black&white), Gum Bichromate (black&white, green and yellow), Gum Over Platinum Palladium (cold highlights, green highlights), Gumoil (brown tone, yellowed), Kallitype (yellow shadows), Liquid Emulsion (black&white, lime green tone), Lith Print (olive green, green-yellow tone, selenium gold), Oil Print (green tone), Orotone (deep yellow), Palladium (soft gray tone), Photo Intaglio (green tone), Photopolymer Gravure (brown shadows, green shadows), Platinum (light green shadows), Platinum Palladium (soft green tone, light purple tone), Polaroid 55 Print (green shadows, yellow highlights), Pyro 48 (green cast, blue cast), Resinotype (black and white, brown cast), Salt Print (soft pink cast), Satista (green shadows), Silver Gelatin (green tone, sepia and blue toned), Stenope (black and white), Tintype (brown shadows, yellow highlights), Vandyke (brown tone, blue tone, green tone), Wet Plate (black and white, yellow highlights, green shadows), Woodburytype (red tone, green tone), Ziatype (black and white)
- RAW and JPEG files compatible
- Mac OS X and Windows compatible
- Work great with Lightroom 7.2 - 9.0+ / CC Classic 2020
- Step by step instructions are included explaining how to apply content

If you are experiencing problems downloading or using files, please contact us by email - miracle.design.latvia@gmail.com

Copyright © Miracle Design Studio
All Rights Reserved.



All presets were updated and optimized for using with the latest Lightroom version CC 2020

How to install presets

Step 1. Click on Develop tab ot top-right of Lightroom Application. Right click on ”plus” button in Presets tab to call up menu.
Step 2. Select ”Create preset...”. In new window on first line enter any sample title for new preset and in second line enter the title for new group. Then click OK.
Step 3. Right click on the new folder and select ”Import...”
Step 4. Locate the unzipped preset/-s on your hard drive using the file browser.
Step 5. Select the preset/-s (AE_LR_Presets_68490826_RE > Presets Files > VINTAGE COLOR FILM EFFECTS... etc) you want to install and click on the ”Open” button and you're done.
The preset/-s will now be listed in the panel within Lightroom. Simply open a photo and use the preset/-s to see the different effects.

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