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Color Looks Art Series: Monet

74 Color Looks (3DLUTs) based on Monet Paintings, for use with Photography or Video, in Photoshop and Premiere Pro.

74 Color Looks (3DLUTs) based on Monet Paintings, for use with Photography or Video, in Photoshop and Premiere Pro.


Art Series II: Monet provides the perfect series of Color Looks to add an impressionistic palette, full of Spring and Summer colors, to your photography or video project. The best way to see the result is to experiment! To preview the looks you can download the free Comparison Thumbnail Chart in PDF format from this link:

Easy to apply, Art Series II includes 74 Color Look files (3DLUTs) each based on a different Monet painting: 36 Looks based on the color palettes of Monet's beautifully impressionistic Water Lilies; 19 Looks based on Monet's earthy Haystacks; and 19 Looks based on Monet's vibrant Sunrise and Sunset paintings. These LUTs will alter the colors in your pictures across the tonal range - they are not intended to turn a photograph into a specific Monet painting - they each use one of Monet's painting's pallet of colors and will *vary in effect for every image you apply them to.

*While these LUTs were created from different subjects like Water Lilies and Haystacks, they do not have to be used on those subjects at all, and you may find that a Sunrise-Sunset LUT works great on a portrait, or a Water Lily LUT turns a night shot or a still life photo into a masterpiece. The only way to tell is to try out the different LUTs because they are very *image-dependent* and the look from any LUT will change from one image to the next based on the underlying colors and brightness values. (NOTE: transition areas like a sweeping blue sky may show banding due to the LUT's nature of color changes being mapped to different brightnesses. The color looks work best on images that do not have large plain gradient regions. See the PDF Comparison Guide for examples.)

See Installation Instructions to load the Color Looks (LUTs). All of the Art Series Color Looks are provided in .3DL format for easy import to Photoshop and Premiere Pro. If you purchase the set and you need a .CUBE, .CSP, or .ICC file, email me with proof of purchase and I will send it to you.

Terms and conditions: Upon purchase you are hereby granted a non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable, freely revocable license to use the ”Color Look Art Series II: Monet” 3DLUT files for your personal, commercial, or non-commercial use only and as permitted by the features of the product. Steve Weinrebe reserves all rights not expressly granted.



Due to several requests to provide .CUBE files for Premiere Pro, in order to be able to see the color looks in Premiere Pro's Lumetri presets (rather than Browsing to them one at a time), in this version I have included both .3DL and .CUBE versions of the color looks. The .3DL files can be loaded into Photoshop's Color Lookup adjustment's presets, and the .CUBE files can be loaded into Premiere Pro's Lumetri panel presets. See the Read Me files, in the 3DL and CUBE folders for instructions.

How To Use Color Looks.pdf
Complete installation instructions.pdf

Go to your Desktop (or depending on your settings the folder called ”Downloads”) to find the file and to unzip the contents. See installation instructions in the Read Me files, inside the CUBE folder for Premiere Pro, and inside the 3DL folder for Photoshop.

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