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Luminosity Masking Panel

Luminosity Masking Panel by Greg Benz

Luminosity Masking Panel by Greg Benz

Creates luminosity masks to create subtly natural selections of a range of tones in the image. These masks include a range of options for lights, darks, midtones, and offset midtones.

This panel is written in JavaScript to help ensure simplicity for the user. Each button records a single history state, so that you can undo mask creation/deletion with the standard ”undo” options in Photoshop.

For free video tutorials on luminosity masking and a demo of this free panel, please click here.

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v1.4 (December, 2015)
Updated: Added tooltips in CC
Fixed: Removed blue outline after clicking button on CC

v1.3 (July 25, 2015) - Initial release for Adobe Exchange
Updated: Added panel icon

Updated: Single history state to make undo easy
Updated: Added help button

Updated: Added support for CS6

v 1.0
initial release

Once the panel is installed, look under Windows/Extensions in Photoshop to open the panel. For free video tutorials and a demo, please click here.