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Film Wedding Photoshop Actions

30 Film Wedding Photoshop Actions

30 Film Wedding Photoshop Actions


Film Wedding Photoshop Actions Professional Collection by BeArt Presets includes 30 Premium Photoshop Actions for professional photographers. This collection is well-balanced and great for an array of settings, from wedding to travel photography, portraits, architecture, food photography, and everything in between. With this set you will be able to quickly and easily add a professional finish to your images.

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- 30 Premium Photoshop Actions
- Compatible with Photoshop CC, CC2014 & CC2015.
- Compatible with both a Mac and PC
- Work on RAW and JPEG images
- Can be easily adjusted to fit your image

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If you need any help or have any suggestions we'd love to hear from you (beartpresets@gmail.com)

Locate the BeArt Film Wedding PS Actions on your DESKTOP.



1. After clicking 'acquire', wait a few moments for the download to complete, then locate the folder on your DESKTOP.

2. Open Adobe Photoshop.

3. Click ”Actions” Under the ”Window” tab. A check-mark should appear next to it and an Actions window should open.

4. Click the small arrow on the top, right-hand side on the Actions window.

5. Select ”Load Actions.“

7. Locate the Action that you wish to load from the folder on your Desktop.

8. Check the box of the action you want to use and hit the ”Play” button on the bottom of your layers window.

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