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An After Effects exporter to html

An After Effects exporter to html

This is an After Effects extension to export animations to html.
A subset of AE features are supported.
Export to html, svg or canvas.



- Support new export mode: Banner
- Improved existing export modes
- Improved image compression solution (now PNGs get well compressed as jpegs)
- Support for importing Lottie Animations!
- fixed build to prevent polluting global scope
- text animator multiplier fix
- Support new export mode: Rive
- Improvement: validating if transform is linear to remove spatial interpolation
- Fix: subtract mask transformed fix
- Expressions: added posterize time support
- Fix: incorrect easing function calculation in TextSelectorProperty
- Fix: auto oriented properties with not keyframes
- New: Implement a new Canvas renderer that can run on worker threads
- Typing: added resize to type definitions
- Feature: added image sequence support
- FIX: clipping compositions in canvas renderer
- FIX: added precision to auto orient

Navigate to Windows -> Extensions -> Bodymovin