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An After Effects exporter to html

An After Effects exporter to html

This is an After Effects extension to export animations to html.
A subset of AE features are supported.
Export to html, svg or canvas.



- FEATURE: Added support for using shapes as animated characters
- FIX: added methods used by expressions to an array to prevent treeshaking
- DEV: Migrated code to imports
- DEV: Use Rollup for build process
- FEATURE: added more methods available for the lottie worker player
- FEATURE: lottie player as a worker support
- FEATURE: added content-visibility prop support
- FEATURE: added header check for json type (improves initial parsing specially on large files)
- FEATURE: added lottie.useWebWorker method to support loading file on a separate web worker (different than the first feature)
- FEATURE: added frame rate to comp on export (not supported by payers yet)
- FIX: random seed expression fix
- FEATURE: added support for Smoothness property on animated texts
- FEATURE: added support for animated text path properties
- FEATURE: added support for exporting source names as ids
- FEATURE: added clear cache button
- FIX: fixed importer with last keyframe
- FEATURE: added support for emoji modifiers and sequences
- FEATURE: added support for metadata export on json files
- FEATURE: added support for masked strokes line cap and line join
- FIX: callbacks list executing beyond index list
- FIX: missing TextExpressionSelectorPropFactor
- FEATURE: exporter improvements
- FIX: another exporter fix
- FIX: exporter fix
- FEATURE: added support for prefixig ids
- FEATURE: security updates
- FIX: fix image sequencing preloading
- FEATURE: added support for gradient fill expressions
- FIX: disable screen reader visibility of created font-nodes (thanks @)
- FEATURE: added FootageElement that supports json data layer types with expressions
- FIX: xhr open order
- FEATURE: added markers support
- FIX: repeaters with reduced copies
- FIX: unintentional stroke clipping on shapes with large stroke-width (thanks Manan Jadhav)
- FIX: ie11 append missing
- FIX: repeater calling trim twice
- FIX: es6 support on export
- IMPROVEMENT: added linting rules
- FIX: seedrandom and main fix
- FIX: image export fix
- FIX: Enable HImageElement to use preloaded images thanks @dbettini
- FIX: lottie-light effects breaking on destroy
- FIX: loaded_images event fired in safari
- FIX: original asset names for audios

Navigate to Windows -> Extensions -> Bodymovin