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An After Effects exporter to html

An After Effects exporter to html

This is an After Effects extension to export animations to html.
A subset of AE features are supported.
Export to html, svg or canvas.



- UPDATE: support for latest version
- FIX: `addEventListener` method returns function except `void`
- EXPRESSIONS: added support for toWorldVec, fromWorldVec and getValueAtTime for transforms
- EXPRESSIONS: fixed propertyGroup expression
- FIX: added svg effects placeholder
- FIX: added check for wrapper on destroy canvas
- EXPORTER: missing layer styles
- EXPORTER: export only work area
- EXPRESSIONS: Added more expressions support
- FIX: Trusted Types compliance by removing calls to .innerHTML
- FIX: make callback parameter of removeEventListener optional
- FEATURE: Audio Support

Navigate to Windows -> Extensions -> Bodymovin