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An After Effects exporter to html

An After Effects exporter to html

This is an After Effects extension to export animations to html.
A subset of AE features are supported.
Export to html, svg or canvas.



- FIX: Setting assets data before loading extra compositions
- FIX: Removed appending json at end of url
- FIX: Camera separate position properties
- Typing: Added animation event name to Lottie definitions
- Feature: Add focusable renderer setting for SVGs
- Feature: Added error handling for config and frame rendering
- EXPRESSIONS: added support for propertyIndex on shapes
- PERFORMANCE: big performance improvement on trim paths (and other modifiers) for paths that don't change over time
- NEW: improved support for astral plane characters (like emojis)
- FIX: surrogate pairs character support in animated text
- FIX: new expressions supported
- changed failed image bg to transparent
- FIX: fix for old json expressions in key function
- FIX: Updates to TypeScript definitions
- FEATURE: support for new expressions
- FEATURE: Add SVG support for Gaussian Blur effects
- FEATURE: Add TypeScript type definitions
- FIX: removed warning of text when created by text formatted
- FIX: fixed merged characters in fonts
- FEATURE: added mutiple settings functionality to extension
- FEATURE: added support for mask opacity in expressions
- FIX: html renderer wrong font measurement
- FIX: Fix masksProperties key name in JSON docs

Navigate to Windows -> Extensions -> Bodymovin