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Export to split PDFs

Exports an InDesign file to PDFs based on the user's choice of page range.

Exports an InDesign file to PDFs based on the user's choice of page range.

A simple interface that allows the user to export a document to separate PDFs based on a page range that the user can change in the user interface. With the document open, run the script from the scripts panel. A user interface will prompt for a location for the resulting PDFs, an export setting to use, and how many pages long each PDF should be.



- Fixed a bug that would occur if the user did not select an output folder. Bug was that page numbering would remain as absolute numbering rather than section numbering. This is now fixed.
Previous fixes:
- added progress bar to indicate time taken/time remaining;
- PDFs no longer automatically open in Adobe Acrobat upon creation;
- failsafe to make sure that user interaction of the script is enabled if a script run prior to this had disabled it

The file will be downloaded to your Downloads folder as .jsxbin file.

To install it into InDesign, open InDesign and navigate to the scripts panel (Window, Utilities, Scripts). From here, right-click (or control-click) on the ”user” folder and select ”Reveal in Finder” (Mac) or ”Reveal in Explorer” (Win). Once the new finder/explorer window opens, drag and drop the downloaded script into this folder. The script is now installed.

To run the script, have the desired document already open in Adobe InDesign, and then navigate to the scripts panel and double-click on the script.

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