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PixelSquid Plugin

The PixelSquid plug-in allows you to easily add and spin 3D objects directly to your designs. No 3D skills required.

The PixelSquid plug-in allows you to easily add and spin 3D objects directly to your designs. No 3D skills required.

Special note for users of CC2017 and earlier versions:
Your version of Photoshop requires a special version of the plug-in to use for CC2017 and earlier. The version is not available through the Adobe Exchange. You can manually install the plug-in via the download links on https://www.pixelsquid.com/plugin_demo under the ”On Adobe Photoshop CC2017 or earlier?” section.

If you have any problems with installation, please check out our installation guide or contact us on Twitter @PixelSquid360

Browse thousands of design-ready objects on PixelSquid.com, and add those objects directly to your designs via the PixelSquid plug-in. Once objects have been added to your designs, you are able to spin the object within Photoshop to find the right angle. Our objects are sourced from 3D (don't worry - no 3D knowledge required), so you get functionality that wouldn't be possible with a standard flat image.

You can download a PSD for every angle of every object. With the PSDs:

- No masking. Ever. Every object comes in with perfect transparency, automatically.
- Make quick color, texture, and shine adjustments to parts and materials.
- Separate adjustable shadow layer.
- Control shine, reflection, lighting, and base color.
- Simulate effects such as fog, haze, or depth-of-field blurring.



- fixes for latest CC 2015 update (Nov 30th, 2015)
- fixes histogram rebuilding
- fixes Windows issues when saving to different drives

Once the plug-in is downloaded, open Photoshop. Activate the plug-in by navigating to Window menu -> Extension -> PixelSquid, and clicking PixelSquid.

- Once the plug-in is activated, you will need to login to PixelSquid. If you don't already have an account, you can create one from within the plug-in or at PixelSquid.com.
- Browse for objects to add to your PixelSquid library on PixelSquid.com
- When you hover over an object in search results, you can use the Add to Photoshop button to send to Adobe Photoshop. The object will now be in your library in the plug-in.
- If you don't see the object in your plug-in library, click the refresh icon.
- Click any object in your library to add it to an existing scene
- Click and drag to spin the object in the plug-in window
- You can work in high or low res with each object. Low res downloads faster.
- When you have the right angle, you can click ”PSD” to download a high-res, layered PSD file of that angle

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us via our support page: https://www.pixelsquid.com/feedback