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Illustrator Layer Exporter

Generate PNG, SVG, JPG, HTML & CSS in one click

Generate PNG, SVG, JPG, HTML & CSS in one click

Layer Exporter lets you automatically export Illustrator layers to SVG, JPG or PNG files, along with coordinates data and HTML CSS files, with a single click. Think of it as a modest equivalent of Photoshop Asset Generator for Illustrator, with full HTML & CSS export.

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* Added css locations options for SVG

* Art items are now correctly ignored from export if invisible

* All invisible items are now correctly ignored from HTML output

* Added HTML doctype

* Added support for the next version of Illustrator

From Illustrator, navigate to Windows -> Extensions -> Layer Exporter, to launch.

You can get further install and usage instructions here: https://github.com/davidderaedt/Illustrator-Layer-Exporter/#install

Please note: If your operating system has a password you many need to enter this password to allow the installation to occur.

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