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Add a price estimator into your Adobe Muse Website

Add a price estimator into your Adobe Muse Website


QuickEstimate is a multi-module widget that can be easily added into any Adobe Muse webpage. You have limitless options to control the look and feel of the 4 different Modules.

Contained Are 4 Widgets.

QE - Toggles
QE - Numbers
QE - Radios
QE - Totals

See a demo of QuickEstimate here:



Quick Estimate 3 Now can embed your selected details and total into a standard Adobe Muse Email form.

1. Go to your Downloads folder to find
2. Unzip the file
3. Double click on the .mulib file and it will launch and load Adobe Muse
4. Go into your Muse Library panel and locate QuickEstimate and drag the different widget modules onto the canvas as needed.
5. For support please visit www.dooDadle.com

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