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A simple but powerful color wheel extension for Photoshop

A simple but powerful color wheel extension for Photoshop

KalleWheel is an extension that is made to make it easier for digital painters to choose colors in Photoshop. The extension focuses solely on painters and is not necessarily ment to be used for designing color schemes.

The extension features a color picker in the HCL color space. HCL is equivalent to the CIElab color space but the variables controlled are Hue, Chroma and Lightness. Due to the use of this color space, a given Lightness value will produce colors which are roughly as light as each other. This is not the case for the classical HSB color space which does not normalize colors due to the way we perceive them.

KalleWheel also features some other improvements compared to other color pickers:
Many colors defined in the same color picker at the same time.
Light source direction indicators to be used when painting objects with colored light sources.
Other small features such as the ability to lock colors and import and export colors from Photoshops internal foreground color.



The new version comes with a few updates:
* Colors are now exported and imported to Photoshop automatically.
* Color dots can no longer be selected from the canvas, instead the already selected color gets updated.
* Minor graphical updates

Please read this if installation from the exchange portal failed! Download and install ZXPInstaller: http://zxpinstaller.com Then download the KalleWheel.zxp package and install it using ZXPInstaller. You can also try installing the KalleWheel.zxp package using Adobe Extension Manager. Please refer to http://kbladin.se/tools/kalle_wheel.php for more information if there are still problems with the installation. After installation is complete, in Photoshop: Navigate to Windows -> Extensions to find KalleWheel