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Hem and Eyelets

Hem and Eyelets - InDesign Script

Hem and Eyelets - InDesign Script


Quickly create hem and eyelet banners using this InDesign script. Enter document size and eyelet spacing and this script will create a template for you to place your creative. Perfect for ad agencies, designers and sign-writers in the large format printing industry.

More details
Working at 10% scale simply enter:
• Width
• Height
• Eyelet space (The gap between each eyelet)
• Weld Bar Size (The size of the weld to create the hem if not sure enter 2)
• Define corner space (Set the gap from each corner eyelet)

This script creates the following layers
• Print Information (Details the finish size, cut size, number of eyelets generated and hem size)
• Crop Marks
• Eyelets Preview (20mm in size for sign-off purposes only)
• Eyelets (4mm in size)
• Layer 1 (Where your creative goes)

This script also adds a keyline for printers to correctly trim the banner for finishing. Crop Marks are added to clearly show where to fold the material. 2mm of bleed is set by the slug guide automatically.

Video Demo: https://youtu.be/fhdvxVgytjw




Hems and Eyelets will be saved to your Downloads folder on C drive.
Open InDesign and in the Scripts Panel (Window, Utilities, Scripts), right click over a script and select ”reveal in Finder” (Mac) or ”reveal in Explorer” (Win). Copy and paste your new script to this location.