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Golden Hour Rush

Give your pictures a warm sunny touch with the help of Golden Hour Rush Preset Bundle.

Give your pictures a warm sunny touch with the help of Golden Hour Rush Preset Bundle.


In order to create amazing photographs you need to capture the right lighting conditions - Our “Golden Rush Hour” Lightroom workflow enhances the golden rays of the morning or evening sun that hit your camera lens. Allow your audience to contemplate the wonders of beautiful sun rays, with the assistance of our Golden Rush Hour presets. Alter the mood of any photograph by recreating crisp, clear and outstanding dusks and dawns!

The Golden Rush Hour Lightroom Presets collection includes:

•20 Professional Golden Rush Hour Lightroom Presets.
•All the presets are compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and Adobe Creative Cloud.
•Work with both JPEG and RAW images.
•Compatible with both Mac and PCs.
•Watch our easy-to-follow video on how to install and use the presets included in this collection here.
•Installation instructions are also included in the download.
•Easily adjustable to fit your own style.
•Instant download.
•Exclusive access to our private Lightroom Help and Tutorial •Facebook Group.

Presets featured in this bundle:
20 Presets
1 Add Sun Left
1 Add Sun Right
1 Add Sun Top
3 Basic Presets
1 Basic Ultrasharp
1 Brighten Shadows
2 Classic Portrait
1 Dreamy Haze
1 Dreamy Haze Pink
3 Faded
1 Into The Sun
2 Pastel
1 Sharpen
1 Soft and Cool



The .zip will be downloaded to your local Downloads folder on C drive.

Unzip it to reveal the folder of presets, and some installation help guides.

Please refer to our complete step-by-step guide at:

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