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OctaneRender® Compositing Extension

OctaneRender Compositing Extension for Photoshop

OctaneRender Compositing Extension for Photoshop

The OctaneRender® Compositing Extension provides tools for compositing OctaneRender™ render passes and support for loading multi-layer OpenEXR file format (16 and 32 bits).



This version supports Octane Render 2018.1

The OctaneRender® Compositing Extension contains the following plug-ins:

- OTOY EXR: A file format plug-in that allows loading multi-layer OpenEXR files into Photoshop.

- Load OctaneRender™ Compositing Project: An automation plugin that reads the OctaneRender Compositing Project (`*.ocprj`) file format and loads it into Photoshop ('File > Automate > Load OctaneRender Compositing Project...').

- Setup OctaneRender Render Layers: An automation plugin that detects render passes within the current document and sets their blending and grouping to be displayed correctly ('File > Automate > Setup OctaneRender Render Layers...').