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30 Hand-drawn Patterns

A pack of 30 free hand-drawn seamless patterns

A pack of 30 free hand-drawn seamless patterns

These Photoshop patterns are carefully generated from my Moleskine drawings & paintings and other traditional artwork of mine, keeping in mind design principles (balance/contrast/line/color/texture/form/etc), applications and use (web/print/textile/wallpaper/younameit), as well as uniqueness and a non-generic approach.

For full previews visit: http://arberspaho.com



Installation is automatic.

To load the patterns in a Photoshop project, simply press G on your keyboard for the Paint Bucket tool. Set the tool to ”Pattern” instead of ”Foreground” then on your patterns list select ”30 Hand Drawn Seamless Patterns”. The patterns will then load and be ready to use.

Note: Keep in mind that patterns are not only used to just do simple background fills - experienced users play with them on text and layer styles, make custom overlays and textures, use them for a little or a big part of their specific artwork etc. The possibilities are endless.

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