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DMXzone DropZone

Easily upload files with drag and drop

Easily upload files with drag and drop


Imagine just being able to simply drag files from your desktop and drop them in your browser. This can be easily done with DMXzone DropZone Add-on for HTML5 File Upload. Uploading one or more files at the same time, it's up to you. You can even monitor their upload progress with individual counters and beautiful progress bars.

DMXzone DropZone offers full client side image preview and you can even add your own custom messages because the extension speaks the website's native language. Choose the file types, which your users are allowed to upload on your website and limit the maximum allowed file size with just a few clicks.

You need extra data? It's super easy to set additional data to be send to the server along with the uploaded files.

You need to have HTML5 File Upload and DMXzone Server Connect installed in order to use this extension.



You can access DMXzone Dropzone from the Insert menu in Dreamweaver

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