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Illum Lightroom Presets

10 Beautiful Film like Presets for Lightroom

10 Beautiful Film like Presets for Lightroom


This is a set of 10 Lightroom 5 presets that have been designed and tested by professional photographers.

They are designed to emulate the look of old film photographs and play around with split-toning, fading, curves, grain, cross-processing and much more. There are ten various presets, each with a different look and feel so there's definitely something in here for your image!

Each preset works with just a single click and is editable afterwards. Adjust your settings after applying each of these presets to get the precise look that fits your image.

This set includes 10 presets for Adobe Lightroom CC. The set includes the following presets (each of which is previewed in the images above):

illum 1 - light illum 1 - medium illum 1 - heavy illum 1 - extra heavy illum - landscape illum - landscape high contrast illum - black and white illum - black and white faded illum - black and white high contrast illum - high contrast

After payment, you can immediately download and use the Lightroom Presets.




Locate and decompress your files. They will be available from the local Downloads folder on C drive.

Uncompressed Lightroom presets have a .lrtemplate extension.

To Install:

1. Open Lightroom.
2. If you’re using a Mac, navigate to Lightroom > Preferences.
In Windows, you will navigate to Edit > Preferences.
3. When the Preferences box appears, select the Presets tab.
4. Click on the button labeled “Show Lightroom Presets Folder…”
5. A new Finder window (Mac) or Explorer window (Windows) will appear. Open the Lightroom folder, then open the Develop Presets folder.
6. Copy and paste presets into this folder.
7. Restart Lightroom. You will find your new presets located in the Develop Module under the Presets section, along the left side of the screen.

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