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Custom publishing document type for PixiJS

Custom publishing document type for PixiJS

Create animations using Adobe Animate that work with PixiJS v4+, a popular open-source 2D rendering engine for web browsers. This extension creates a custom publishing type for PixiJS, which can be selected when creating a new FLA/XFL. The extension outputs timeline animations as JavaScript as well as all media files, such as bitmaps or audio files. It support both vector and bitmap symbols, text, alpha, frame scripts, labels, nested symbols, color transforms and much more. In addition, output JavaScript files support the CommonJS format, suitable for Browserify, Webpack, etc. The extension allows developers to easily preview their changes with the Test Movie functionality in Animate.



* Updates publishing to be able to output assets for the v1 runtime (on PixiJS 4), or the v2 runtime (on PixiJS 6).
* Adds some very useful JSFL optimization scripts.
* Adds support for classic tweens
* Currently does not support custom easing paths
* Due to API limitations, tweens of only color effects are not detected.

To create a new document, navigate to Advanced > Custom Platforms > PixiAnimate in either the Home screen or the New document dialogs.

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