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Use your Brand.ai style guide colors in Photoshop

Use your Brand.ai style guide colors in Photoshop

Brand.ai helps companies make their brand look great and consistent everywhere—across their website, blog, apps, ads, emails, social network pages, and presentations.

Organizing, sharing, and synchronizing design assets across projects, teams, and platforms is a huge problem. Technical and visual debt tend to accumulate quickly, resulting in costly maintenance overhead, a broken brand story, and frustration among creative souls and makers.

Traditional style guides temporarily address the problem, but they quickly get abandoned since they’re difficult to maintain and use.

Brand.ai takes a different approach. Instead of relying on policy enforcement, it makes it easier for everyone to “do the right thing” by integrating with existing workflows and tools.

The Brand.ai Photoshop integration enables you to use your style guide colors directly in Photoshop.



This release fixes a bug where color swatches did not render correctly.

Navigate to Window > Extensions and look for Brand.ai

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