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Basic CMYK Extended Swatches

5 CMYK Extended Tonal Swatch Sets

5 CMYK Extended Tonal Swatch Sets


The 5 swatch sets feature some of the basic colour values and their respect lighter and darker tonal values. With these swatches it is easy and quick to create Gradients, fill shapes and colour Gradient Meshes, using different tones of the same colour. Simply drag and drop - no more messing with colour sliders to get a good colour match.

Swatch Sets are:


A 2 page Pdf is also included which shows the names of all colours and the original swatch which the Basic CMYK tones originate from in the illustrator basic CMYK swatch set. Using the Extension Manager this will be installed on your Desktop.



Open Illustrator and load swatches by choosing ”Open Swatch Library” in the Swatch palette.

Open Photoshop and load swatches by choosing ”Load Swatch Library” in the Swatch panel.

Open Indesign and load swatches by choosing ”Load Swatches” in the Swatch panel.

The PDF will appear on your Desktop.

Please not these swatches were designed in Illustrator and so function best, the swatches work also in Photoshop and Indesign however they lose their folder structure in the swatch palette; the colour groups are still together though so its not a big difference.

In Adobe CC installation errors may occur.
If you have difficulty installing please contact matt@industrial-artworks.co.uk

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