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Flash Antidecompiler

Protection tool for SWF files. Runs in Adobe AIR as desktop app.

Protection tool for SWF files. Runs in Adobe AIR as desktop app.


The best code protection tools for Flash developers. We refund 200% if you will crack it!
Our Flash Antidecompiler makes the same as the other obfuscators, protectors, encryptors, and so on, but makes it better. Extremely high protection level allows us to guarantee money-back-twice.



Because your SWF will be wrapped into another SWF
generated by Flash Antidecompiler you should use

var url:String;

if (root.loaderInfo.loader == null)
url = root.loaderInfo.loaderURL;
url = root.loaderInfo.loader.loaderInfo.loaderURL;

instead of standard

var url:String = root.loaderInfo.loaderURL;

The same is true for HTML parameters and attributes.

By the same reason you have to check stage, namely

if (stage != null)
stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;
stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;

- Unzip flash_antidecompiler_7.X.zxp and then
- Unzip flash_antidecompiler_7.X.zip to an empty directory
- Install Adobe AIR
- Before you install, quit all browsers with Flash player add-ons and close all Adobe applications
- Start the installer by double-clicking on FlashAntidecompiler.air

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